Steps to create S42 template

This page outlines the process for creating a new template.

Country: submit sample

To launch its template development, the country contacts the S42 expert group by e-mail. The country's expert supplies a sample data set, which should consist of between 20 and 50 address examples representing all the address formats recommended by the postal operator.

Country and UPU: map addresses into elements

Each address in the sample needs to be mapped into S42 elements reflecting their use in the country. For example, mapping the address line "12 Main Street" involves dividing it into 3 parts: "12", "Main", and "Street", and linking them to appropriate address elements as follows: "12" – street number; "Main" – thoroughfare name; "Street" – thoroughfare type.

UPU: create a draft template based on mapped sample

On the basis of a mapped sample, the S42 expert group creates a template which is fed into a computer program known as a tester. This program reassembles each address from elements and checks the result against the submitted data. The test of the template is positive when all addresses from the sample have been assembled correctly.

Country: validate and approve template

At the end of the process, the country expert checks that:

  • all addresses in the sample data set are properly formatted;
  • the sample contains a sufficiently complete representation of formats recommended by the country; and
  • the addresses are correctly mapped to S42 elements.

UPU: publish template and deliver certificate

The template developed through this process is published in the next version of standard S42, and the country that developed the template is presented with a “S42 certificate of recognition” during one of the annual Postal Operations Council or Council of Administration sessions.

Recognition ceremony

The S42 “recognition ceremony” is designed to raise operators’ awareness on the value of S42 and encourage them to join the S42 certification program.

Data sample collection

This spreadsheet is intended to assist in submitting the country specific address sample for S42 template test purpose. It lists the most popular address types and prompts country expert to provide address example of each type that is recommended in this country.