International reply coupons design competition

The UPU International Bureau (IB) issues a newly designed IRC at the start of each four-year work cycle. It sets a theme for a new IRC illustration and launches an international design competition.

Member countries that wish to participate are invited to promote the competition among artists in their country and organize it nationally.

The designs of the national winners are then sent to the IB.

The overall winner is selected by a jury comprising the heads of delegations of all countries attending Congress. The new IRC is named in honour of the city that hosted the UPU Congress.

The member country whose artist is selected as winner receives 10,000 IRCs free of charge.

The competition rules and technical specifications for submitting designs are available below.


Circular letter of the international reply coupon design competition

Organization of design competition for the Abidjan model international reply coupon.

Rules of the international reply coupon design competition

Hard-copy designs and computer files should be submitted by 30 June 2020 at the latest.