Impact tool

The International Bureau has developed an impact model for both options A and B. The impact tool for option A allows users to identify the final rates of bulky (E) and small packet (E) letter-post items based on the domestic rates of 20 grammes (P) and 175 grammes (G) items used in the target terminal dues system. The increase in terminal dues rates compared to the current 2019 rates is provided in order to better understand the impacts.

For model option B, the impact tool uses the domestic rates at 11 weight points collected from 97 designated operators through the tariff survey. The item and kilogramme rates of each of these designated operators has been calculated on the basis of the business rules associated with this option. The impact tool for option B calculates the country specific maximum rates. As these self-declared rates are confidential and therefore, unavailable, the sending DO will not be able to determine the impacts on its outbound flows, other than those calculated based on the maximum rates the destination DO would be allowed to set for E-format items in option B.