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S48 program examples

S48 Postal-4i: 4-state symbology and its user for the encoding of data on postal items.

S18 program examples

S18 ID-tagging of letter mail items.

S10 Check Digit Validation Tool

This tool checks the validity of an S10, 13-character identifier by calculating the check digit in character position 11.

UPU EDI Messaging – XML schemas and examples

M30 Electronic Data Interchange between postal handling organisations
M42 eVN - Electronic verification notes
M85 Data dictionary for messages based on UPU standard M30
S57 Statement of mailing submission
Last update: 29 October 2015

M45 (REFDIS) sample files

For testing purposes, the zip provides M45 REFDIS messages corresponding to UPU Code List 108 and its evolution over time, with two sets of messages: full messages and incremental messages.
For more information, please read ReadMe.txt included in the zip.
Last update: 15 August 2017

UPU EDI data elements

Last update: 22 February 2017

S42 (ISO 19160-4) Postal Address Template Description Language (PATDL)

PATDL is defined according to the W3C XML Schema specification and is used to formally express address rendering rules.
More information about S42 can be found at:

Mail subclasses and handling classes: purpose and usage

The purpose of this document is to describe and clarify the current situation both for mail subclasses and handling classes.

S42 base and extended schemas used in S53

S42-8-Base and S42-8-Extented schemas are based on code list CL 210 of S42 sub-elements and are needed for validation of ENAD files by schema defined in standard S53.