Testimonials on UPU*Clearing

According to a 2015 survey, members awarded UPU*Clearing a 96.4% satisfaction rate. All respondents agreed that the system was efficient, easy to use, ensured debts were paid to them in a timely manner and helped manage any discrepancies or disputes.

Some also noted significant savings:

  • 33% of UPU*Clearing members reduced their banking fees by more than 40%
  • 42% of members reduced collection fees by more than 40%
  • 32% of members reduced staff costs by more than 40%

What our users say:


The payment processing time has been reduced from an average of six months to a maximum of 55 days, as all payments are processed by the 25th day of the month following the one in which the transaction took place. The system has enabled the Brazilian Post to produce an administrable cash flow, which had never been possible in its international accounts. Brazilian legislation, and probably that of other countries, requires 25 per cent of funds sent abroad to be withheld as income tax.



From the start, we all experienced UPU*Clearing as an efficient tool for notifications and control of notifications. The daily routines have become much simpler – accepted invoices can be put into the UPU*Clearing system and your counterpart can see its payables immediately and react instantly.

Post Danmark

United Arab Emirates

As a user from the start of the UPU*Clearing system, I would like to express my satisfaction with the technique and technology of the system and the vast support received from the managing team. By providing comfortable procedures together with recent technological support, UPU*Clearing greatly reduces our efforts with the clearance of accounts.

Emirates Post


In comparison with the direct payments used so far with other operators for the settlement of international accounts, our practical experience with UPU*Clearing shows the following major advantages for all partner operators:
- Every single transaction can be individually included, excluded or accepted in the monthly clearing runs, which ensures an effective and thorough control of transactions
- Centralized banking functions increase security and greatly reduce the number of payments, which of course equally reduces banking fees
- More direct and, consequently, effective contact with the persons in charge in the different partner countries by means of a messaging facility included in the system
- Less paperwork thanks to the documents automatically generated by the system
- Easily accessible for all postal operators, provided a good Internet connection is available
- Much quicker settlement of outstanding balances
- User-friendly system
- Effective and helpful assistance by the UPU* Clearing Secretariat
- An increasing number of worldwide partner member countries
We are delighted with the result for our own operator and thus have come to believe that UPU*Clearing could also be of interest to you, we therefore hope to get you interested in this system.

Swiss Post