About addressing

Quality addressing and postcode systems are essential for national infrastructure and the socio-economic development of a country. They also form the cornerstone of quality postal services, facilitating business exchange and hence contributing to a country's economic growth.


The Addressing Assistance Programme is to be the international focal point for postal addresses worldwide, for member countries and for our regional and international partners. Through the “Addressing the world – An address for everyone”  global initiative, the UPU is continually seeking to create synergies between national, regional and international stakeholders to find shared solutions to the challenges associated with addressing.


The UPU strives to assist member countries to develop and improve their addressing and postcode systems, with the goal of improving the coverage of address infrastructure globally. The UPU provides technical assistance in the areas of physical addresses, national addressing standards, postcodes and postal databases.

The UPU also assists member countries to develop international addressing standards to facilitate interoperability of name and address data, enable address validation and provide guidelines for building and maintaining address infrastructures.This activity is coordinated with other standardization organizations like CEN and ISO.

The UPU gathers, analyzes and processes international postal data to improve the quality of international addressing. The UPU develops solutions suitable for cleansing, validating and standardizing international addresses, including advice for designated operators regarding addressing products and services.

Twice a year, the UPU’s Postal Operations Council Addressing Group meets to discuss major issues and developments in the field of addressing. These meetings serve as a forum to share ideas and consider activities to promote and improve addressing in developing and industrialized countries.