Addressing solution design challenge

Example: Preparedness through addresses in augmented reality.
Addresses in augmented reality

As part of the Global Addressing Conference, which will take place on 26 and 27 October 2015 in Berne, Switzerland, the UPU organized a competition to inspire new actors to come up with innovative solutions that can tackle the problems caused by a poor addressing system.

Five challenges were proposed within the framework of the competition to find innovative, scalable and cost-effective addressing solutions that could simplify and expedite the affordable provision of addresses. The overall goal is to put everyone on the map and to improve the ability of various stakeholders to deliver goods and services.

The best solutions were selected in a competitive two-stage process, judged by an independent jury. The first stage, which closed in December 2014, was a call for preliminary proposals. During the second stage, the authors of the 12 most promising proposals were invited to submit a full paper. The authors of the three best proposals will present their solutions during the 2015 Global Addressing Conference.

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