Addressing the world initiative

In most industrialized countries, having a physical address is something that is taken for granted. But in many developing countries, as well as in some emerging economies, the majority of people do not have an address. Without an address, individuals cannot be reached, businesses cannot be identified by potential clients, and public services cannot be delivered properly.

Beyond the postal sector

Addressing is a key component of the UPU's activities. Yet addressing is not only about receiving mail at home or enabling direct marketers to reach their target audience. The reality is that addressing issues are a major concern in many countries, both developing and industrialized.

Creating synergies

The "Addressing the world – An address for everyone" initiative focuses on creating synergies between UN agencies, intergovernmental organizations and any other interested parties, such as academia, non-profit organizations, development banks and businesses, in order to better understand the challenges associated with addressing and to define a strategy for tackling the lack of quality addressing systems.

OpenAddressCommunity (OAC)

Build the future today! Join the initiative and help ensure that national governments and regional authorities can reach the goal of providing everyone with an address. Share your proposals, ideas, cases and studies related to addressing with the OpenAddressCommunity by writing us.