Assistance to countries

Having a good addressing system is essential for the postal sector. Processing mail on the basis of a reliable address is the primary mission of any postal operator. The level of addressing development differs among countries and the complexity of addressing projects varies depending on national factors, the diversity of stakeholders involved and the multiple uses of addresses. These national characteristics make the management and coordination of projects vital at the national level but also call for international support

National projects

The UPU assists countries to design and implement national projects aimed at developing and improving national addressing systems, including national standards, databases and tools. Our experts conduct studies and analyses of addressing and operational situations with the objective of creating master plans to disseminate the usage of addresses and improve postal operational systems.

The Addressing and Postcode Manual is a tool designed to help countries develop and implement addressing and postcodes projects. This Manual serves as a starting point for formulating projects and draws attention to the benefits and importance of physical addresses, postcodes, national postal standards and addressing databases.