Addressing meetings and conferences

Addresses represent a critical national infrastructure capable of underpinning social and economic development. There is increasing recognition that the effective use of address information can alleviate many of the developmental challenges faced by countries, such as urban development, social inclusion, provision of basic services, resilient cities and preparedness for natural disasters, disease pandemics or population displacement.

Against this backdrop, the Universal Postal Union organizes meetings and conferences to raise awareness of the importance of addresses as a key element in the national communication infrastructure of countries, as well as to discuss and present new ways for addresses to be developed and implemented faster and at lower cost, in particular through the use of new technologies. The next Addressing Forum, to be held during the Postal Operations Council (POC) meeting in April 2018, will take as its theme "Postal addressing trends, innovations and opportunities in a fast-changing world".

The 2018 Addressing Forum will capitalize on recent social and technological developments and market changes, especially in relation to e-commerce development, mobile connectivity, citizen empowerment and new housing development schemes. It will provide POC members and the UPU community at large with a comprehensive and informed perspective on the importance of good addressing in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, and look at trends, opportunities and innovations in addressing, including addressing standards for cross-border trade flows.

Expert panellists will debate and discuss these issues and provide a set of recommendations and concrete action lines that will ensure the continuous development of quality addressing solutions to support the needs and requirements of a modern and rapidly evolving world and market.