UPU Customs Compendium

With more items containing goods being sent through the Post, it is more vital than ever that designated operators have relevant, up-to-date information regarding country-specific customs procedures so they can inform their customers and facilitate the postal customs clearance process.

For this reason, the UPU has launched the UPU Customs Compendium — a living, online publication that contains public, country-specific information about:

  1. Import processing of customs duties and postal charges
  2. Delivery of taxable/dutiable items
  3. Other agencies responsible for customs clearance of postal items
  4. Questions relating to customs declarations
  5. Miscellaneous information

UPU member countries are invited to fill in the UPU Customs Compendium questionnaire and to keep their information updated.

Editors from UPU member countries may request rights to access the questionnaire sending an email to customs(at)upu.int indicating the proposed editor's:

  • Given name and family name
  • Title or function
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Entity
  • Country

To access the system: customs.upu.post