e-commerce key documents

Key Elements for Designated Operators

Basic Information Tools for Web Stores

System requirements.

E-shopping for Everyone Everywhere – A White Paper

This White Paper endeavors to show how the postal sector makes ecommerce happen and how it might contribute to solving some of the obstacles on the way to yet stronger growth in this area.

E-Shopping Key Elements for designated operators

Essential e-commerce elements definition, arrangement into priority order of implementation, and overview of global interoperability.

Global e-Shop Postal Services

A building blocks proposal on worldwide e-commerce services provided by posts.

E-Shopping through Posts

A key opportunity for the postal sector in the Information Society

This report is a result of work done by the EPS E-shopping Project Team and presents a general strategy for an E-shopping solution through posts, as well as recommendations for future consideration.

A key opportunity for Postal sector in the Information Society

Presentation (executive summary) made by Antonio Braquehais (Brazil) and Bartosz Golembnik (Poland), April 2007.

Hong Kong Declaration

Hong Kong Statement on the development of cross-border e-commerce

21 and 22 May 2009, Hong Kong, China.