Electronic services publications

The digital economy and digital postal activities – a global panorama

This 2019 flagship publication builds on the experience and knowledge gained from conducting two previous studies on digital postal activities and looks further into the development issues in the digital economy.
The report provides guidance and policy advice to member countries on provision of digital postal services by conducting an in-depth study on various aspects of the digital transformation and policy changes in member countries.

Measuring postal e-services development - A global perspective

The present report is recommended to policymakers, leading directors of postal operators and analysts considering the impact that postal e-services can make in the post-2015 era. It is the outcome of a collective effort to shed light on the digital transformation of postal operators worldwide – an effort that goes far beyond the authors' own contributions.

Icts, new services and transformation of the Post

This publication presents case studies from 7 postal companies and their experience in adopting ICTs.

Guide to public–private partnerships for e-services in the postal sector

This guide will provide interested postal operators and governments with theoretical knowledge of PPPs, complemented by practical information, case studies, examples and checklists, giving them an overview of the various opportunities provided by public-private partnerships. The documents referenced at the end of the guide provide more in-depth information on certain aspects of PPPs.