Electronic services questionnaires

Questionnaire on postal e-services development

The questionnaire will be used to evaluate the development and strategic importance of postal e-services at the global level, benchmark the development of postal e-services in UPU member counĀ­tries, and identify the impact of possible key factors affecting the development of postal e-services.
Please return the survey by e-mail by 30 January 2015 to daniel.nieto(at)upu.int.

Questionnaire on electronic identity

The UPU electronic identity questionnaire will be used to gather representative data, including information on the development of postal identity activities, that can be used to develop measurement indicators in this area. Also it will form the basis of recommendations for UPU activities relating to standards and regulations in the area of postal identity.
Please return the survey by e-mail by 23 March 2015 to daniel.nieto(at)upu.int.