2014 Global Forum on Financial Inclusion for Development

The role of mobile technologies as a catalyst for financial inclusion by Posts

5 November 2014, Heinrich VON STEPHAN Hall, UPU Headquarters, Berne, SWITZERLAND.

Mobile technologies are an essential component of postal financial inclusion strategy at the national and international levels.

No matter a country's level of development and the degree of financial inclusion of its population, mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in the modernization of postal financial services. This technology is allowing Posts to explore new market segments or expand their range of products. More important still, it is allowing them to bring these services closer to consumers, wherever they are and at lower cost, including in rural areas.

The ever-increasing range of innovative business models and promising new applications represent both an opportunity and a challenge for Posts. With this in mind, the discussions at the 2014 forum on financial inclusion for development will focus on the role of mobile technologies as a catalyst for financial inclusion, and seek to provide concrete responses to member countries' questions.