About financial inclusion

Financial inclusion is the provision of basic financial services (savings, payments, money transfers, insurance, credit) to people without access to such services.

Some 1.5 billion people worldwide are already using the financial services provided by Posts. The postal sector is therefore the second largest contributor to financial inclusion worldwide, behind banks but far ahead of microfinance institutions or mobile phone operators.

The UPU helps its member countries to introduce or develop inclusive and sustainable financial services. As an information and technical assistance platform for the postal sector, the UPU is an ideal partner for lending institutions and donors in the effort to make postal financial services accessible to the most disadvantaged populations.

Global Panorama on Postal Financial Inclusion

This study, first published in 2012 for the Doha Congress, has made it possible to draw the attention of financial supporters to the postal network and has provided governments and designated operators with vital information about postal financial services and their potential social impact.

The International Bureau will release in 2016 a second edition of the study. To do so, a questionnaire was designed to gather statistics and qualitative information on financial inclusion as offered by postal networks around the world. This questionnaire is available below in the six working languages of the Union:

Language Questionnaire
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