Universal postal service

Several initiatives are launched to help countries define the universal postal service at the national level, a key element in the formulation of a sectoral policy. The UPS often constitutes the main challenge of developing countries.

As such, the UPU collaborates with Restricted Unions to write practical guides to help countries with a basic level of postal knowledge to develop and implement a strategy for offering the universal postal service.

Results of the annual surveys on the system for monitoring the application of UPS standards

Result of the annual surveys in 2017 on the system for monitoring/evaluating application of standards in the main areas of the universal postal service.

The database "Country information on the universal postal service(UPS)" aims at providing countries with information on the standards and provision of the universal postal services of each UPU member post, such as definition and scope, access, speed and reliability, financing, price setting etc.

Provision of Universal Postal Service

Universal Postal Service