Global Monitoring System end-to-end quality testing

The Global Monitoring System end-to-end (GMS E2E) testing measures the transmission times for international priority/airmail letter-post items.

GMS E2E provides designated operators with a simple, effective tool for measuring international quality of service.

The main characteristics of the testing are as follows:

  • The tests are of "end-to-end" (test letters posted in letter boxes and delivered to test participants)
  • The testing is of the "city-to-city" type; Participants are located in towns or regions with the most favourable delivery standards
  • On links where participating designated operators so wish, the testing can be external (the testing work is carried out by people who do not belong to the designated operator)
  • Data on posting and delivery are processed separately and are only merged by the independent body (the International Bureau)
  • The testing is continuous (the test letters are posted continuously, five days a week)
  • The testing is limited to standard-format letters
  • On links where technical conditions permit, the testing may be diagnostic (using transponders to identify the passage of mail through offices of exchange, or possibly other mail processing points)
  • The use of the Internet as a means of communication ensures low-cost testing and rapid communication of results
  • The results are processed confidentially, unless the designated operators concerned agree to publish them to restricted target group or to the general public

GMS E2E Internal Operational Guide - 2014 Edition, v1.0

Operational guide for GMS end to end testing of transmission times for priority/airmail letter-post items.

Registering posted letters ("P" form)

Participants provisionally register posted items on this form.

Registering received letters ("R" form)

Participants provisionally register received items on this form.