Force majeure (Global Monitoring System)

Force majeure is an event or occurrence which prevents a designated operator to fulfil its obligations relating to quality of service or performance owing to reasons external to its control and which are not attributable to any act or failure of the designated operator.

In most cases this includes events such as war, acts of nature, destruction of facilities, and labour strikes.


When a designated operator experiences an event or occurrence that may be considered force majeure for letters, parcels or EMS, it must:

- Fill out the below form, Force majeure – Open case, with all required information

- Send it to the International Bureau within 24 hours of the event taking place by either fax +41 31 350 31 10 or e-mail

- When the event has ended, open the same document and fill in the second part of the form, Force majeure – Closed case, and send it as provided on the form.


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