Impact study on implementation of step 2 of the Integrated Product Plan (IPP)

One of the challenges faced by the UPU in relation to ever-changing customer needs and product features is to find ways of satisfying market requirements by rationalizing, modernizing and integrating the existing framework of postal products and services. By approving the Integrated Product Plan (IPP), the 2016 Istanbul Congress took an important step forward and showed that the UPU member countries were ready to address this challenge.

During Step 1, which comes into force on 1 January 2018, the first stage on the route to integration will be to implement a classification by content (documents or goods).

With Step 2, UPU members will adopt a fully integrated portfolio of physical products, as envisioned in the principles approved by Congress and described in the IPP. Operational processing will be defined by content (documents/goods), while levels of service and value-added features will be established on a "menu" basis.

To ensure that the UPU product portfolio for 2020 includes the key products and service features that meet the market and supply chain demands, an impact study has now been launched to examine the proposed product matrix.

All member countries are therefore strongly encouraged to contribute to the success and sustainability of the UPU by responding to this impact study by 20 December 2017.

Make your contribution to the UPU's future by completing this study now and ensure that your voice and views are heard on the vitally important issue of improving the range and variety of UPU products.