Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about international reply coupons

Where can international reply coupons be bought?

International reply coupons are available from post offices in countries that have agreed to sell them. Certain Posts sell IRCs directly online.

To find out where sales points are, please contact your country's postal operator (providing it sells IRCs).

How much does an international reply coupon cost?

Sale prices vary depending on the country of sale. The cost is set by the Post.

Can international reply coupons be ordered from the UPU?

No. The UPU does not sell directly to individuals. Its role is to provide IRCs to postal operators that wish to sell them.

Where can I exchange international reply coupons?

IRCs can be exchanged in any post office. All UPU member countries and territories are obliged to exchange IRCs.

What is the exchange value of an international reply coupon?

IRCs are exchangeable in any UPU member country for the minimum postage for an unregistered priority letter-post item or airmail letter sent to a foreign country. Please contact the Post in your country for details of the exchange value of IRCs.

What is the deadline for exchanging international reply coupons?

The exchange deadline is indicated on each IRC, on the barcode on the back of the coupon. They can no longer be exchanged after the expiry date.