QS Link

Quality of Service Link (QS Link) to terminal dues

Operational since 2005, the UPU developed the Quality of Service Link (QS Link) in which terminal dues payments are reflective of the inbound quality of service performance of member participants. The QS Link has the overall aim to improve letter-post mail service quality and to strengthen the worldwide postal network.

Participants of the QS Link use a UPU-agreed measurement system to measure the quality of service performance in the country of destination of the inbound mail. The quality of service is measured against POC approved quality standards, which determine whether test items were delivered on-time or late. The measured performance against on-time delivery targets determines the final terminal dues rate to be applied.

The QS Link is governed through the Quality Link User Group (QLUG) which manages and resolves issues arising from the operation of UPU-agreed measurement systems used in the QS link. All designated operators that link their quality of service to terminal dues are members of the QLUG Assembly, which is the decision-body of the QLUG according to its rules of procedure. In 2014, 45 designated operators linked their quality of service to terminal dues.

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