About letter post

Lion's share

The latest statistics on the public postal sector from the UPU reveal that consumers spent more on postal services in 2014 than during the previous year – expenditure was up 2 per cent in nominal terms to 239 billion SDR (330 billion USD), fuelled in part by e-commerce.

Letter post generally remained the chief source of income for Posts in 2012 – accounting for a worldwide average of 41.8 per cent of revenues, despite volumes continuing their downward slide. Total worldwide letter-post traffic declined by an estimated 2.6 per cent to 327.4 billion items, but the weight of the same increased by 31 per cent. This increase hints at the popularity of sending items often bought online and weighing up to 2 kg by letter post, a cheaper option than sending through parcel post.

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Public holidays

The public holidays of the UPU member countries concerning the delivery of letter-post can be consulted in the Parcel Post Compendium as the dates are the same.