About Market Research

In very simple terms, Markets are about customers, competitors, commodities and costs. And the success of any business depends largely on information and knowledge about the market in which they operate. The postal business is no different.

Acquiring this information is done through market research and studies. Knowledge from sound market research can make the difference between success and failure – starting with strategic visions and policy interventions to business decisions, product and service development, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, financial sustainability.

In a fast-changing business environment, market research must be undertaken regularly so stakeholders have access to up-to-date information. The UPU's Doha Postal Strategy also identified the harnessing and development of postal sector knowledge based on big data and statistics, among other sources, as a tremendous opportunity.

UPU Applied Postal Economics and Markets Research Group

A clear market research roadmap ensures a more predictable and regular set of UPU market research products and tools. The roadmap put in place by the UPU Applied Postal Economics and Markets Research Group, within the framework of the Postal Operations Council Committee on Market Development, will guide market research work and could contribute greatly to a UPU centre of postal-sector market knowledge and intelligence. The group's objective is to undertake research and studies on identified needs and research gaps. It is supported by available big data. One main source of postal big data is the electronic data interchange (EDI) messages exchanged between designated operators and stored by the UPU. This data would be mined to provide baseline intelligence that would inform market research outputs.

Market research results and tools

The sharing and exchanging of existing research work could further support current needs, help to identify gaps and define future research. A number of online tools are being developed to support market research activities and the International Bureau are exploring partnership opportunities with other international organizations that already have such tools. These research results and tools will be shared through this page with the aim to encourage market knowledge diffusion and the promotion of a culture of regular market studies among members.