UPU market research and studies

UPU Market Research Bulletin 2

The Universal Postal Union: provider of value-added solutions.

UPU Market Research Bulletin 1

Have seasons been replaced by the global marketing ecosystem?

Research on Postal Markets

Trends and Drivers for International Letter Mail, Parcels, and Express Mail Services.

Measuring postal e-services development - A global perspective

The present report is recommended to policymakers, leading directors of postal operators and analysts considering the impact that postal e-services can make in the post-2015 era. It is the outcome of a collective effort to shed light on the digital transformation of postal operators worldwide – an effort that goes far beyond the authors' own contributions.

Market Research on International Letters and Lightweight Parcels and Express Mail Service Items

This research and analysis is needed to develop the strategies, plans, and initiatives necessary to transform and modernize the current systems and practices of exchanging cross-border mail, and expedited and package services which have a substantial impact on the financial performance of postal operators.

Impacts of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis on the Postal Sector: 2009

This research – through quarterly surveys – monitors the postal sector during the second year of the global economic and financial crisis in 2009.

Impacts of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis on the Postal Sector: 2008

This research – through quarterly surveys – summarizes the main impacts of the global economic and financial crisis on the postal sector right after the crisis unfolded in 2008.

Icts, new services and transformation of the Post

This publication presents case studies from 7 postal companies and their experience in adopting ICTs.

Global Panorama on Postal Financial Inclusion

This report establishes a panorama of postal financial inclusion and presents, for the very first time, the current status of this dimension in financial inclusion.

Doha Postal Strategy

The Doha Postal Strategy is the essential guiding tool for the UPU and the postal sector.

Development strategies for the postal sector: an economic perspective

The book looks at the specific features of postal markets in developing countries and traces the emergence of new legislative and regulatory frameworks in Sub-Saharan Africa.