About parcels

The international parcels market is experiencing rapid growth. The potential for continued expansion is excellent, given the opportunities now afforded by the development of e-commerce. Increase in demand for the international parcel product is also being driven by reduced trade barriers and the globalization of business and manufacturing generally.

Better quality of service

As part of the UPU's objective of helping its designated operators respond effectively to the ever changing needs and expectations of their posting customers, it is undertaking a number of projects aimed at improving the quality of service worldwide and raising the image and profile of the international postal parcel. These projects have been specifically designed to stimulate the growth of developing Posts' share of the overall international parcels market.

Customer support

UPU activities in the parcels sector are focussing on the provision of full service international parcel products, with consistent end-to-end delivery times and strong customer and product support.

Force Majeure

When a designated operator has experienced an event or occurrence that is considered Force majeure, it must inform the International Bureau according to a specific process whose details are provided in the heading “Force Majeure” opposite.