Parcels form completion instructions

A Form Completion instruction Document (FCD) is a technical guide to help complete a UPU form. Not all UPU forms have a corresponding FCD. There may also be some FCDs under development; only finalized FCDs are published here.

As UPU forms may evolve over time, the date of entry into force of the template corresponding to an FCD is indicated in the list below and in the cover page of each FCD.

All FCDs have the same document structure. This structure as well as the process for creating, managing and publishing FCDs are described in a UPU standard (S63 – Design definition for form completion instructions).

CP - Parcels

All CP form templates

Zip containing all CP form templates valid on 1-Jan-2019
Future changes already adopted, if any, are provided in sub-folders by validity date

CP 75 - Form completion instructions

CP 75: Summarized account
Template valid from 1-Apr-2019
FCD version 1.00, 1-Nov-2018

CP 78 - Form completion instructions

CP 78: Verification note
Template valid from 1-Jan-2015
FCD version 1.01, 7-July-2014

CP 81 - Form completion instructions

CP 81: Table. Surface parcels
Template valid from 1-Jan-2014
FCD version 1.00, 26-Jan-2016

CP 82 - Form completion instructions

CP 82: Table. Air parcels
Template valid from 1-Jan-2014
FCD version 1.00, 26-Jan-2016

CP 87 - Form completion instructions

CP 87: Parcel bill
Template valid from 1-Apr-2016
FCD version 2.00, 26-Jan-2016

CP 94 - Form completion instructions

CP 94: Statement of amounts due
Template valid from 1-Jan-2014
FCD version 1.00, 1-Nov-2018

CP 94bis - Form completion instructions

CP 94bis: Statement of amounts due with weight brackets
Template valid from 1-Jan-2017
FCD version 1.00, 29-Mar-2016