About inward land rates

System of payment

The inward land rates are the system of payment between parcel post operators for the delivery of incoming parcels. In a move to ensure that the payment for the delivery of parcels is linked to the quality of the service provided, the POC approved a system of bonus payment for the provision of parcels service features added to a base rate. This system was implemented in 2006.

Customer inquiry

The services features awarded by a bonus payment include the use of a tracking system for all incoming and outgoing parcels, the provision of home delivery and the publication of detailed delivery standards. The last service feature is the use of the UPU internet based inquiry system for all customer inquiry for international parcels is more particularly aiming at improving customer service after care.

Performance targets

In future, the inward land rates bonus system will be further tied to the achievement of defined performance targets. As from 2010, a high level of return of electronic parcels delivery information and efficient use of the customer inquiry system is rewarded by a bonus payment.