Parcels publications

Parcels Measurement Reports – Key calculation rules

The Quality Control System for mail (QCS Mail) generates and transmits the parcels measurement reports to all postal operators by the 15th day of every month. The data used in the reports are derived from electronic data interchange (EDI) messages sent between operators via the POST*Net, GXS or other network. This document describes the key calculation rules that QCS Mail follows to generate the figures, volumes and percentages shown in the reports.

List of countries whose designated operators exchange EMJ and EMK events

Update: February 2019.
The purpose of this report is to assist designated operators with the implementation of the 2011 POC decision to award an additional remuneration of 0.40 SDR per item for DOs handling parcels in open transit if they transmit EMJ and EMK events.

Internet-Based Inquiry System for Parcels – Ad hoc group report

This guide explains the use and interpretation of the many IBIS reports available. These reports will help operators to follow up and to take corrective measures for improving customer care services.

Internet Based Inquiry System for parcels

The operational procedures of the common Internet-based Inquiry System (IBIS) for parcels enable designated operators to apply procedures relating to the handling of customer inquiries and liability.

Exception Reports – New tool to facilitate the monitoring of Quality of Service Indicators for Parcels

This tool helps operators monitor key performance indicators of their parcel service.