About postal security

The UPU recognizes that the safety and security of the postal sector as part of the global supply chain is critical to supporting worldwide commerce and communication. To facilitate the development and implementation of security standards and best practices among Posts, the UPU has established the Postal Security Group (PSG).

Postal Security Group

Guided by the motto “Postal Security Makes Business Sense”, the Group, made up of security experts, is charged with the development of global and regional security strategies to assist the world’s Posts in their security missions.

Through training initiatives, consultation missions and prevention programmes, the PSG strives to protect the employees, customers and assets of Posts, and to safeguard mails from fraud, theft and misuse.

Mission statement

To establish worldwide postal security, encourage and promote the creation of postal security services in all UPU member countries, and to establish contact and collaborate with international organizations.

PSG priorities

  • Prevention of injuries to people due to the carriage of dangerous goods in the mail
  • Prevention of loss or theft of mail entrusted to Posts
  • Prevention of revenue or asset losses by Posts
  • Preservation of customer confidence in the Posts

Training initiatives

PSG security programs and crime prevention training are the mainstay in the development of worldwide postal security units. Security courses are organized regionally with the assistance of the UPU. Training covers:

  • Basic postal security and investigations
  • Emergency Planning and Risk Assessment
  • Airport security coordination and quality of service/security reviews
  • Countering of drug trafficking and money laundering through the post
  • Procedures for accepting and controlling the induction of dangerous goods
  • International postal revenue protection