Postal security prohibited items

The safety of postal employees and customers is a critical element of managing the entire postal supply chain. That’s why a number of goods and items are prohibited from travelling through the mail.

UPU regulations

UPU letter-post and parcel regulations clearly stipulate the type of items that cannot be sent by post internationally. Posts inform customers of these prohibited items, but the onus is on customers to certify that the packages and mail items they send through the mail do not contain items that could cause harm or danger to postal employees and customers.

The list of prohibited goods includes illicit drugs, counterfeit or pirated articles and explosive or flammable goods and live animals, among many other things.

Exceptional cases

In some exceptional cases, Posts can transport live animals such as bees, leeches, silk worms and fruit flies between officially recognized institutions for purposes of control and biomedical research.

If customers are unsure about what can and cannot be sent through the mail, they should consult their local Post.