Postal security standards

One of the objectives of the Postal Security Group (PSG) is to enhance the security of all operations within the postal sector. The PSG in collaboration with other UPU stakeholders has defined a minimum set of security requirements, which can be applied to all facets of the sector.

Developing measurable standards of security for the postal sector contributes to protecting postal employees and assets; protecting postal items in general; contributing to the security of the mode of transport used to carry mail items and protecting the overall supply chain.

Physical and procedural security standards

The physical and procedural security standards developed under the auspices of the PSG are applicable to critical facilities in the postal network:

  • S58, Postal security standards – General security measures defining the minimum physical and process security requirements applicable to critical facilities within the postal network
  • S59, Postal security standards – Office of exchange and international airmail security defining minimum requirements for secure operations relating to the transport of international mail