Postal social services during COVID-19

Social services

Health and well-being


Bangladesh Postal Office is delivering personal protection equipment (PPE), coronavirus testing kits and awareness leaflets to all 64 districts free of charge.


Correios de Portugal has formed a partnership with the company Hovione for the production and distribution of an alcohol-based antiseptic solution to key workers, to support the effort to combat COVID-19.


Correios de Portugal is offering alcohol gel and masks for sale in post offices, reducing the need for citizens to visit multiple shops when purchasing essential goods.


India Post is delivering vital medicines to hospitals. As an essential service, India Post is operating as normal during the lockdown, whilst also filling the gap left by private couriers.


SingPost's courier arm, Speedpost, is assisting healthcare institutions in delivering medicine to patients at home.


Jersey Post is expanding its Call &Check service. All citizens can ask to be telephoned twice a week to check on their wellbeing, and whether they require further support.


Jersey Post has developed a home medicine delivery service, partnering with pharmacies and taxi companies to help keep vulnerable people safe at home.


ThailandPost is delivering medical masks directly from domestic factories to provincial governors, securing a supply for those at high risk, such as doctors, nurses, hospital workers, public workers, the police, and quarantine officials.


La Poste (France) has developed apps to help the public assess and monitor their symptoms.

Czech Rep.

Czech Post has partnered with a charity to provide postal workers with training on how to recognize signs of domestic violence and how to help potential victims. This is in response to reports that show an increase in domestic violence during the pandemic.


Oman Post is collaborating with a charity to distribute food supplies to 650 underprivileged families.


An Post has implemented a new "checking-in" service. Families can request postal delivery staff to regularly check on older and vulnerable people and to relay any requests for provisions or medicines.


PHLPost is delivering relief and medical supplies to medical personnel & communities, supported by new electric bicycles.

United Arab Emirates

Emirates Post Group will deliver mail as well as small parcels (sanitized) to the doorstep of seniors, at no additional cost. They no longer need to collect their mail, as a measure to reduce exposure for this vulnerable group.


Australia Post has introduced a home delivery service for medication and medical supplies, helping to protect vulnerable members of the community. Pharmacies can claim back postal costs from the government.

Czech Rep.

Czech Post has confirmed it will offer to support the government, by using its infrastructure to deliver food and other vital supplies, reducing exposure for vulnerable people.


Posta Kenya is offering at-cost last mile delivery or collection from post offices for essential products (food, hygiene etc.). This enables people to remain in their homes, and supports the broader Kenyan response to the pandemic.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Royal Mail is delivering and returning coronavirus tests to the homes of National Health Service and social care staff. This helps staff to isolate themselves until their health status is confirmed.



La Poste (France) is supporting home education during the COVID-19 lockdown by delivering spare school computer equipment and homework to children in need.


Oman Post is working with a charity to deliver 1,000 desktop computers to allow school students in need to study from home.


La Poste will deliver home-school materials to students who cannot access them online.


An Post is delivering children's activity books containing drawing, writing and mindfulness exercises from leading Irish children's authors and illustrators. This supports families confined to their homes in keeping their children occupied and stimulated (also available for download).

Community cohesion/development


Australia Post is working with the National Archives of Australia to create a "national letterbox" where citizens can write a letter about their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. These letters can be read by the public and preserved for future generations as a cultural and educational resource.

Russian Federation

Russian Post is offering a 40% discount on newspaper and magazine subscriptions, with registration via an app or at the doorstep. The aim is to keep people safe and connected.


An Post are distributing a free postcard to every house in Ireland as part of a campaign to reduce the social impacts of isolation. The aim is to encourage friends and family to exchange letters, postcards and packages as a way of supporting each other.

Data collection/provision


Vietnam Post has developed a digital mapping application to support the campaign to prevent and control COVID-19 infections. This was developed for the Covid-19 National Steering Committee in partnership with the Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Health, and Hanoi University of Engineering and Technology.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Royal Mail has delivered letters directly to 30 million households across the UK containing government advice about the pandemic.

Finland (including the Ă…land Islands)

Posti are delivering letters directly to all households in Finland containing government advice about the pandemic, in partnership with the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Access to government services


The Nigerian Postal Service has expressed its readiness to work with the Presidential Task Force in the fight against the pandemic, offering its 1,400 postal facilities as hubs for distributing humanitarian aid, medications and medical equipment to areas in need.