Quality of Service Fund IPS templates

In cooperation with the Postal Technology Centre (PTC) of the UPU's International Bureau, the QSF is pleased to provide you with the following IPS templates:

Template 1 - Upgrade of IPS system

Relevant for DOs that are currently using an old version of the IPS system (e.g. 4.24) and that need to migrate to the latest IPS version to improve performance, make use of new features (e.g. EDI messages and operational and accounting functions), and conform to regulations and standards.

Template 2 - Extension of IPS system

Relevant for DOs that need to extend the mail-item tracking system to post offices and provide customers with an item tracking service (via a website).

Template 3 - From IPS Light to IPS.post

Relevant for DOs that are still using IPS Light and that wish to migrate to IPS.post in order to benefit from new features such as accounting and customs forms and new versions of EDI messages, and from the ability to analyze and implement electronic verification notes (eVN).
Please note that there is no cost (apart from the PTC's annual licence fee) for switching from IPS Light to IPS.post.

Template 4 - Implementation of IPS.post

Relevant for and beneficial to DOs that process lower volumes of mail items and, therefore, that do not need to implement the full version of IPS.