How do you prepare a project proposal for submission to the Board of Trustees? How should you manage the projects approved and implemented in your country? How can you monitor ongoing projects? These are just some of the topics discussed at training seminars run periodically by the Quality of Service Fund secretariat.

Since the Fund's inception, the QSF team has been training national coordinators to show them how to formulate, manage and oversee all aspects of projects set up in their countries. Sessions are held periodically to train new people or provide updates on certain aspects of QSF operations. Regional training is normally organized in conjunction with the local restricted union.

In addition, national coordinators and any other participants in QSF projects are invited to follow the online training course provided via the UPU's TRAINPOST system. This four-module course aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of managers responsible for QSF in the areas of project development and implementation. It is available in English, French, Arabic and Spanish.