About quality of service

There can be no development of the postal market without quality of service. All postal operators upgrade their postal services to retain their customers, define their own market presence and remain competitive.

What does the UPU do?

The UPU is involved in many programmes, including continuous testing for measuring the quality of service of 700 international links, the creation of barcodes for tracking and tracing items, the setting of end-to-end delivery standards, and the introduction of the J+5 standard (delivery on the fifth working day after the day of posting) for 80% of international mail.

New global system

A new global monitoring system (GMS) for quality of service gives to all member countries access to state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring and improving their quality of service.


Since 2001, the UPU Quality of Service Fund (QSF) has been financing dozens of projects every year in developing countries to strengthen the international mail network.

Force Majeure

When a designated operator has experienced an event or occurrence that is considered Force majeure, it must inform the International Bureau according to a specific process whose details are provided in the heading “Force Majeure” opposite.