Communication from member countries on COVID-19

UPU COVID-19 Information – EmIS database

UPU members can access a regularly updated summary list including detailed information the UPU has received from its member countries through EmIS with regard to COVID-19 through the newly developed UPU COVID-19 information database. This database is accessible via the Quality Control System (QCS) big data tools, at, using UPU documentation centre user credentials (the same as are used to access EmIS messages). The database appears under the QCS menu "UPU COVID-19 Information", sub-menu "EMIS Database". Other available COVID -19 related information is also accessible under the sub-menus "New Available Routes" and "Impact on global mail volumes due to Coronavirus". New entries will be added when necessary for complementing the UPU COVID -19 information system.

The EmIS database provides details on incidents reported due to COVID-19. The database notes affected postal products and operational disruptions along the postal supply chain, including international transport capacity, affected transit countries, customer service information and invocations of Force Majeure. Daily notifications – summarizing all new COVID-19-related EmIS message published during the day – are sent out by e-mail to the accredited persons receiving EmIS messages on behalf of UPU member countries and their designated operators.

Please note that this new database comes in addition to the existing EmIS system, which continues to operate as usual. In particular, new EmIS message will continue to be sent to the accredited persons by email as soon as they are published. The new database allows you to sort the EmIS with any criteria (column of the table in which they are displayed), query them, and extract the full content in Excel format.

For further information or clarification on urgent matters of an operational or technical nature, please contact us by email respectively at the following addresses: urgent(at) and/or

Status of COVID-19 EMIS messages from members