Compliance to UPU standards

About the pilot compliance project

For over 20 years, the UPU has been developing technical standards in an effort to facilitate interoperability between postal operators, particularly through the exchange of electronic messages throughout the mail processing stream. With the development of technology, the use of UPU technical standards has become crucial, and increasingly so in order to respond to the ever more stringent requirements associated with electronic data exchanges between the various stakeholders in the postal supply chain.

In an effort to improve end-to-end customer satisfaction and the universal service, the UPU has implemented quality of service programmes with a view to improving the efficiency of delivery networks by analyzing both the structure and the content of the digital data exchanged via IT systems. The criteria currently used to measure quality of service do not take account of the technical aspects of UPU standards, hence the decision to supplement the key quality indicators already in place with other indicators aimed at measuring compliance with UPU standards. Increased compliance is critical to improving quality of service.

Launch of project

The project to measure compliance with UPU standards was launched at the end of 2017 within the framework of the POC Quality of Service Group's work programme for 2017–2020 and aims to determine whether the characteristics of postal products associated with quality of service are in compliance with UPU standards, regulations and other specifications.

Scope of project

The project is cross-cutting and covers all mail categories (letters, parcels, EMS), regardless of the EDI network used for message exchanges. It applies to all EDI messages and to the most widely used technical standards, such as those governing international mail processing centres (IMPCs) and identifiers, respectively.


All measurements are conducted centrally based on EDI messages. Specific indicators measuring designated operators' compliance with UPU technical standards have been developed, put into place and tested.

Each designated operator participating in the project periodically receives a compliance dashboard as well as detailed and concise reports aimed at remedying any problems encountered. A description of the reports is provided below.


Participation in the project's pilot phase is voluntary and free of charge. The list of designated operators currently participating in the pilot phase is listed below. UPU member countries and their designated operators interested in participating are asked to contact the International Bureau by e-mail at information.qs(at)

Useful documents on the compliance project

List of participants (119 participants)

Last updated: 10 June 2020.

Circular Letter – Invitation to participate in the project to assess the compliance of EDI messages exchanged on the global postal network with UPU standards

Editable (Word) participation form

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