International Mail Processing Centres

International mail processing centres (IMPCs) are mail processing facilities that have significance for the processing of inter-administration mail, either because they generate or receive despatches or because they act as transit centres for mail exchanged between other IMPCs.

Please refer to UPU Technical Standard S34 for detailed information.

Click on "Field definitions" for an explanation of the headings in the IMPC code list.

The following files are extracts from the registration database:

  • Code list 108b, valid IMPC codes: contains register entries for which the valid to date is either empty or on or later than the date of publication
  • Code list 108a, closed IMPC codes: contains register entries for which the valid to date is before the date of publication
  • Code list 108, full IMPC code list: contains all register entries
  • IMPCs with type indication, e.g. designated operator/non-designated operator; ETOE; Military OE

Link to SCMS (Standards Code List Management System).

Link to SCMS - Registered users.

[108] International Mail Processing Centre (IMPC) codes: Download [1MB]

[108a] IMPC codes - Closed offices: Download [327kB]

[108b] IMPC codes - Open offices: Download txt file [928kB] 108b_IMPC_Open_offices.xlsx [222kB]

[206] International mail processing centre (IMPC) operator codes: Download [41kB]

IMPC register update request form: English [111kB] French [109kB]

S62, IMPCs: assignment and use of operator codes: Download [135kB]

S34, Registration of international mail processing centres: Download [587kB]