International Mail Processing Centres

International mail processing centres (IMPCs) are mail processing facilities that have significance for the processing of inter-operator mail, either because they generate or receive dispatches or because they act as transit centres for mail exchanged between other IMPCs. Each IMPC has a well-defined physical location, is operated by or under the responsibility of a single organization, and handles a specific set of mail flows.

Please refer to UPU Technical Standard S34 for detailed information.

The Standards Code List Management System (SCMS) provides for the maintenance (creation, modification or closure) of IMPC codes and related information.

Link to SCMS (Standards Code List Management System).

Link to SCMS - Registered users.

S62, IMPCs: assignment and use of operator codes: Download [135kB]

S34, Registration of international mail processing centres: Download [587kB]

Standards Code List Management System (SCMS) – User guide: Download [607kB]

SCMS – International Mail Processing Centre (IMPC) codes – User guide: Download [355kB]