Standards documents

Catalogue of UPU Standards

This is a catalogue of UPU standards. It contains a short description of each published standard.
Updated: 28 June 2017

General information on UPU Standards

This document details information on the standards development process.
Updated: 28 June 2017

UPU Standards glossary

This document defines a number of terms, acronyms, symbols and abbreviations which are used in other UPU standards.
Updated: 26 February 2014

An introduction to postal EDI exchanges

This document provides general information about postal EDI exchanges. It begins with basic details and progresses into more sophisticated concepts. It also describes common practices in EDI exchanges.
Date of this version: 9 April 2013

UPU Technical Standards version history

Updated: 28 June 2017

UPU EDI Messaging standards version history

Updated: 28 June 2017

Standards status

Standards status from SB 2017.2
Effective: 28 June 2017