UPU EDI messaging standards

The UPU EDI Messaging Standards publication contains a detailed description of the standard EDI messages that have been adopted through the UPU's standards approval process. It is produced and maintained by the Standards Board of the Postal Operations Council.

The UPU EDI Messaging Standards publication contains the following information:

  • An overview of all defined EDI messages, with descriptions of the logical sequence of and the interaction that exists between the various EDI messages
  • Detailed descriptions of all existing EDI messages, including:
  • Postal item tracking messages
  • Postal dispatch pre-advice/response messages
  • Postal consignment pre-advice/response messages
  • Carrier consignment pre-advice/response messages
  • A complete Logical Data Model, giving a structured overview of all information elements that can be exchanged through EDI, including definitions and lists of allowed values for every individual data element


UPU EDI Messaging standards version history

Updated: 13 February 2020

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An introduction to postal EDI exchanges

This document provides general information about postal EDI exchanges. It begins with basic details and progresses into more sophisticated concepts. It also describes common practices in EDI exchanges.
Date of this version: 9 April 2013