UPU technical standards

The UPU Technical Standards publication gives an overview of all technical standards in the area of telematics that have been adopted through the UPU's standards approval process. It is produced and maintained by the Standards Board of the Postal Operations Council, and is constantly updated with the latest detailed specifications of all technical UPU standards.

The UPU Technical Standards publication includes:

  • Bar code symbology standards (postal items, postal receptacles)
  • Identification/codification standards (airports, air carriers, countries, offices of exchange, postal consignments, postal despatches, postal receptacles, postal items, item tracking events)
  • Overview of EDI messages standards (format of message exchange, standard messages for consignments, despatches, items and transport)
  • Standards for document exchange (word processing document exchange)


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S9, Postal receptacle identifier

S9 defines the 29-character identifier that uniquely identifies a postal receptacle.

S10, Identification of postal items – 13-character identifier

S10 provides the specification for 13-character item identifiers for universal use.

S34, Registration of international mail processing centres

S34 defines the mechanism for registering IMPCs, for the allocation of IMPC codes and for update and publication of code list 108.

UPU Technical Standards version history

Updated: 23 January 2019