About sustainable development

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Sustainable development is an essential element of postal operations. It contributes to improved business efficiency and resilience, strengthened customer relationships, and the development of new markets. In addition, responsible operations allow postal operators to create attractive and safe working places, build trust with the communities in which they operate, and leverage their networks for the involvement and benefit of the general public.

The UPU supports postal operators in their efforts to incorporate sustainable development into their activities. We work in all three pillars of sustainability:

  • Economic: Support postal operators with tools and knowledge to increase quality of service and implement cost-efficient business methods and responsible purchasing processes. Our financial inclusion programme helps postal operators expand their capacity to provide access to financial services, in particular for underserviced groups
  • Environmental: Monitor the greenhouse gas emissions from postal operations, and enable postal operators to analyze and address the emissions related to their activities. Share best practices and knowledge on environmental management, natural resource use and renewable energy. Contribute to the global sustainability agenda
  • Social and societal: Raise awareness on social and health issues through the postal network, contribute to the fight against exclusion and discrimination, promote diversity and professional gender equality, and support the postal sector in its role as a major employer