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Climate change

Photo: Itella

Combating climate change, a major challenge for our planet, has become an unavoidable issue for the development strategies of the Post.

Given the numerous activities run by the postal operators (collection, transport and delivery of mail, etc.), their impact on climate change has to be considered.

A few figures provide ample proof of this. The postal sector has:

  • Some 670,000 post offices and sorting centres consume millions of tonnes of fuel.
  • more than 1 million vehicles travelling millions of kilometres each year
  • hundreds of aeroplanes flying between the continents every day
  • thousands of tonnes of paper, ink cartridges and chemical products used every year

As a result, the postal sector consumes vast quantities of natural resources (fuels, wood, metal) and, more importantly, produces considerable amounts of polluting emissions, particularly greenhouse gases, which cause climate change.

Committed to efforts

Ready to be a responsible player, the postal sector is committed to efforts to address this issue. Postal operators, partly responsible for the problem, become today an integral part of the solution by measuring, reducing and offsetting their emissions.