Carbon Fund


Postal Carbon Fund™

The Postal Carbon Fund™ is a non-profit association under Swiss law that enables Posts in industrialized countries to offset their carbon emissions by financing projects in developing countries that have a positive environmental impact on their postal network.

Based on the principle of voluntary participation, the Fund was created on 9 April 2014 by the Posts of the following nine countries - Costa Rica, Ecuador, Finland, France, Ireland, Senegal, Switzerland, Thailand and Togo.

The Funds was created after four years of feasibility studies and consultations with Posts, international organizations and funding bodies, as part of the UPU's Sustainable Development Group.

Financing mechanism

Carbon offsetting is a financing mechanism designed to reduce greenhouse gases through the purchase of carbon credits from emission reduction projects or surplus CO2 quotas. These carbon credits are made available to Posts in developing countries to finance postal projects to reduce greenhouse gases.

The postal projects able to benefit from carbon credits should focus on sustainable energy, used as much for transport as for buildings, and can include training on eco-driving or energy efficiency.

The creation of the Fund allows a pilot phase to be launched, which consists of seeking funding, training representatives at founding Posts in the offset methodology and financing mechanism, selecting a carbon expert to assist in project implementation, and identifying eligible projects.

The annual results of the UPU's carbon inventory will help to identify projects eligible to be financed by the Fund. According to 2014 results, Posts worldwide generated 62 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Carbon offsetting documents

Resolution C 76/2012

Establishment of a voluntary carbon offset system for designated operators of UPU member countries.

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General principles of the Postal Carbon Fund™

18 March 2014.