The UPU is advancing climate solutions

In 2012, the 25th UPU Congress recognized the importance of reducing the negative environmental impact of postal activities by providing the postal sector with a set of tools to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Resolution C 66/2012).

OSCAR is the UPU's newest tool to measure the postal sector's environmental footprint.

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OSCAR.POST | Online Solution for Carbon Analysis and Reporting

OSCAR enables Posts of the Union's 192 member countries to measure and report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and identify mitigation opportunities. Its use will also be a prerequisite for obtaining financing from the Postal Carbon FundĀ©, the offsetting fund dedicated to the postal sector.

The tool simplifies data collection; aligns the inventory schedule with Posts' reporting requirements; automatically produces individual reports for each Post; and facilitates audit processes with change logs.

OSCAR will provide participating Posts with individual GHG emissions and a detailed report of these emissions per scope, source and product, including comparisons with previous years to highlight the results of their mitigation efforts. Posts will also be able to measure their performance against industry averages using 20 different Carbon Key Performance Indicators.

Built on the GHG Protocol measurement methodology, OSCAR is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and takes full account of industry-specific challenges with the development of Scope 3 unique features.

Posts can access the tool in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese on www.oscar.post after registration.

For more information, contact: oscar(at)upu.int.

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With OSCAR, measuring, mitigating, reporting and benchmarking your emissions becomes easy.

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