Best practices for sustainable postal operations

All around the globe, postal operators are working towards making their operations greener, more sustainable and more socially responsible. The UPU shares best practices to build capacity and spread this knowledge further. We also organize a range of events, meetings and activities to stimulate sector-wide exchange.

Explore what postal organizations across the world are doing:

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Webinars and presentations

Webinar organized 21 March 2018 by the UPU together with International Post Corporation: "Measuring carbon footprints – the challenges of environmental data collection".

□ Presentation by Luis PAULO, CTT Portugal Post.

□ Presentation by Tom DAY, USPS.

□ Presentation by Gerardo GONZÁLEZ ARIZMENDI, Correos de México.

  Spanish version.

□ Full recorded webinar .

Swiss Post on the move since 1849

Presentation made by Anne WOLF, Swiss Post, SWITZERLAND.
Berne, 13 April 2018.

Sustainable Development of China's Postal Industry

Presentation made by HU Kai, State Post Bureau, CHINA (PEOPLE'S REP.).
Berne, 13 April 2018.


Presentation made by Birgit HENSEL, Deutsche Post DHL Group, GERMANY.
Berne, 13 April 2018.

Best practices for a greener postal sector

This guide aims at showing examples of pro-environment policies, actions, behaviour and products. By disseminating these success stories, the UPU is committed to helping the postal sector lead by example in the fight against climate change.