About social and societal

The world’s Posts employ more than 5 million people, a formidable workforce whose lives at work and at home have an impact on the world we live in.

Posts have a responsibility to raise awareness among postal workers of contagious diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle, work to eliminate exclusion by promoting the hiring of disabled workers, fight illiteracy and address all forms of discrimination in postal establishments.

HIV-prevention campaign

Postal employers also have a responsibility to promote sexual equality in the workplace, participate in government campaigns to eradicate diseases and pandemics, and promote social dialogue. 

A major initiative developed in this area is the global HIV-prevention campaign launched in post offices worldwide in 2009 by the UPU, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, the International Labour Organization and UNI Global Union. The objective is to raise awareness among the population and postal employees of the importance of protecting oneself from HIV.

Initiatives implemented by the Posts to promote health issues among their employees and customers.

Best practices Health & Safety from different Postal Operators

Presentation made by Petra Heinecke
Health & Safety Deutsche Post DHL, on 9 April 2014