About social sustainability

Through its extensive network, the postal sector reaches a large audience daily. Many postal operators are active in the communities they serve, and they make their infrastructure available for delivering a range of services to the general public. The postal network is also an excellent platform for information sharing – for example, in post offices and through postage stamps. Over the years, the UPU has supported postal operators in raising awareness on environmental and health issues.

With more than 5 million staff worldwide, the postal sector is a major employer. The UPU supports the postal operators in its member countries in their efforts to provide fair, safe and attractive workplaces that are free of discrimination.

On a global level, the UPU monitors the postal sector's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and works with other organizations to ensure that perspectives on postal issues are part of the international discourse on development.

Initiatives implemented by the Posts to promote health issues among their employees and customers.

Best practices Health & Safety from different Postal Operators

Presentation made by Petra Heinecke
Health & Safety Deutsche Post DHL, on 9 April 2014