HIV prevention campaign

Halting the spread of HIV

Some 33 million people live with HIV today. Every day, there are 7,500 new cases of infections. That's why the UPU, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, the International Labour Organization and UNI Global Union launched a global HIV-prevention campaign in post offices worldwide in 2009. The aim was to raise awareness among the population and postal employees of the importance of protecting oneself from HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Outreach capabilities

With more than 600,000 post offices and 5 million employees worldwide, the postal network has tremendous outreach possibilities. All UPU countries and their postal operators were invited to join the initiative, showing how the postal network's proximity and outreach capabilities can contribute to stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Three phases

The campaign had three phases:

  • Raising awareness among the public through the distribution of posters, postcards and HIV-prevention fast facts in post offices
  • Raising awareness among postal employees through training and HIV workplace policies developed using guidelines provided by the campaign partners
  • Raising global awareness through the issuance of postage stamps in 2011 to mark the discovery of HIV in 1981 and 30 years of the world living with the virus and AIDS

Your post office cares. Protect yourself.

Poster. AIDS Campaign jointly organized by the UPU, UNAIDS, ILO and UNI Global Union.

UPU, UNAIDS, ILO and UNI Global Unions Joint HIV Prevention Campaign in Nigeria

The Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) is one of the seven posts selected globally by the UPU to pilot the Campaign to raise awareness of how HIV could be prevented among the general public and postal employees.

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Global HIV Prevention Campaign Guide

This short guide about the campaign has beendeveloped to give you a complete overview of its various phases and the role you could play in each of them.

Aids prevention campaign by CAMPOST

Report about the joint Aids prevention campaign by CAMPOST, the operator in Cameroon. – in French –